If you've written a book you think might be suitable for us, please send two chapters, plus an outline of the entire book and a short survey of market research, identifying your book's unique selling points and the competition in the same field, to:

If you would prefer to send us a hard copy, manuscripts (should be bound, but if loose, please make sure it has page numbers) should be sent to:

Mutus Liber Books
BM Mutus Liber
London WC1N 3XX
United Kingdom

You can also submit USB sticks and discs containing your MS to the same address.

If using snail mail, please note we cannot return manuscripts, USB sticks, discs, etc, unless you include stamped-self addressed envelope with your submission.

Please note, it can take up to three months for us to deal with submissions, so please be patient. If you haven't heard from us in that time, please send us a polite email reminder.

About Us

We are a small publisher specialising in esoteric, academic, occasional, ephemeral and alternative fictions and non-fictions.

Our inaugural series is Alternative Histories, which includes Louise S Milne’s highly acclaimed Carnivals and Dreams: Pieter Bruegel and the History of the Imagination.

Recent titles include Nicholas Mark Harding’s novel, Sunsphere, and Gordon Strong’s novel, Dawn of the Goddess. Both are available as paperbacks and as Kindle eBooks.

AUTHORS: If you would like to submit a book to us for consideration, please see our Submissions page for more details.

TRADE: Booksellers wishing to stock our titles should contact us and arrange delivery, rather than ordering via wholesalers. We can offer you better terms!


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