King Arthur: The Waste Land & the New Age by Gordon Strong


This is one of the most strongly individual and imaginative reinterpretations of the Arthurian legend that I have ever encountered. It proves again how the story can be made fresh and new for any age.

~ Professor Ronald Hutton

A very different approach to the matter of King Arthur and his legends… Gordon Strong has gone for a much wider canvas, drawing on tradition but also looking at Tibetan mantras, Apocryphal texts, magical writers and mages and sages… He shows that inner themes of search and loss and captivity are universal and that the main characters are to be found echoed in many ancient sources of wisdom… a myriad of fascinating clues.

~ Marian Green, co-author of The Grail Seeker’s Companion

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The stories about King Arthur, and the Waste Land that must be crossed in order to attain the Grail, continue to fascinate, inspiring writers from Geoffrey of Monmouth in the twelfth century to T. S. Eliot in the twentieth.

This new study of the Arthurian legends combines exciting insights into the nature of the Holy Grail, our modern yearning for spirituality and romance, and the relevance of Arthurian myth in the technological age.

Arthur and Guinevere, Merlin, Morgan le Fay, the Lady of the Lake and the Knights of the Round Table… all are brought to enchanted life on the mystical stage in the heart of sacred Albion: Glastonbury and the landscape of Somerset.

Alternative Histories/Arthurian Studies/Magic

Gordon Strong is a writer and speaker. He has published books on the Tarot, the Arthurian myths, megalithic monuments and ritual magick, among them Merlin: Master of Magick (Llewellyn Publications) and Stanton Drew and its Ancient Stone Circles (Wooden Books). He lives near Glastonbury in Somerset. For more information on Gordon’s books, talks and workshops, please visit his website.

ISBN: 978 09555230 14

Published: March 2009


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