Bride’s Mound: Gateway to Avalon by Gordon Strong & Jane Marshall


Illustrated by Jen Delyth

Bride’s Mound: Gateway to Avalon celebrates one of Glastonbury’s most important, but least known, mystical sites.

The destination of sea-borne travelers from the West, Bride’s Mound is also the portal into the Other World, that of Avalon, the Arthurian paradise. Like Isis, Bride is the Goddess of the Moon – to the Romans she was Minerva, to the Christians, St. Bridget. She is the swordsmith, the healer and the poet, and excels in each calling.

Associated with Mary Magdalene, the Black Madonna and the Celtic festival of Imbolc, Bride is also the sister of the archangel Michael. Her colour is white like the lamb, and the snowdrop that symbolize her. Bride protects the young mother and the old sinner alike – she owns compassion and devotion. Today, she may have exchanged the mantle of Pisces for that of Aquarius, and become the independent, radical female.

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Gordon Strong is a writer and speaker. He has published books on the Tarot, the Arthurian myths, megalithic monuments and ritual magick, among them Merlin: Master of Magick (Llewellyn Publications) and Stanton Drew and its Ancient Stone Circles (Wooden Books). He lives near Glastonbury in Somerset. For more information on Gordon’s books, talks and workshops, please visit his website.

Jane Marshall is the secretary of the Friends of Bride’s Mound.

Jen Delyth is a Celtic artist based in San Francisco. You can see more of her work here.

Alternative Histories/Glastonbury/Mind Body Spirit

ISBN: 978 09555230 45

Published: 1 November 2009



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