Tarot Unveiled by Gordon Strong


Tarot Unveiled speaks with a friendly yet informed voice. The author’s familiarity and enthusiasm provides a well grounded introduction to the subject including practical advice for readers and guidance for the spiritually adventurous. Right from the start Gordon Strong sets the right tone by reminding his audience that Tarot is part of a magical philosophy, not just a method of divination. Unveiling the Tarot is a lifetime’s journey, and this book offers a good starting place.

~ Naomi Ozaniec

The Tarot is a philosophical document, a wisdom tradition and a gateway to the unseen. It has the power to reveal the ebb and flow of existence – the divine rhythm.

An invaluable guide for the beginner and the professional reader alike, Gordon Strong perceptively explains all the cards of the Major and the Minor Arcana. A brief history of the Tarot, an intimate guide to Divination, Tarot Correspondences, numerology and Tarot meditation exercises are also included.

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Gordon Strong is a writer and speaker. He has published books on the Tarot, the Arthurian myths, megalithic monuments and ritual magick, among them Merlin: Master of Magick (Llewellyn Publications) and Stanton Drew and its Ancient Stone Circles (Wooden Books). He lives near Glastonbury in Somerset. For more information on Gordon’s books, talks and workshops, please visit his website.

Tarot/Magic/Esoterica/Mind Body Spirit

ISBN: 978 09555230 21

Published: June 2009


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