Dawn of the Goddess by Gordon Strong


The Age of Kings is over. The Goddess has decreed that a queen will rise and rule the Six Great Kingdoms. Before this age of joy and peace may come about, one great and final battle must be won. Can Paldarch the Wizard restore the Sword of Pengyron to its rightful heir? Only with this enchanted weapon can the young monarch Huan Brynan be victorious over the forces of darkness.

But Brynan must know enlightenment, experience love and sadness and realise the eternal power of magic, before he is worthy of leading the knights of his realm to a great victory.

A veteran chronicler of myth and legend, Gordon Strong creates a vivid world of the imagination. This gripping tale transcends all limits of time and space to become a reflection of the spiritual world in our own era.



This is a powerfully heroic and epic tale, rich in stirring action. The saga is enriched by love and romance – its magic the kind that makes the greatest folklore and legend so unforgettable. Dawn of the Goddess is eminently readable and thoroughly enjoyable.

~ Lionel Fanthorpe, Author and Broadcaster

Gordon Strong provides us with a treasure house of images, and enriches the imagination of his readers. A real gem!

~ Alan Richardson, Author of Priestess: The Life and Magic of Dion Fortune

Gordon Strong is a writer and speaker. He has published books on the Tarot, the Arthurian myths, megalithic monuments and ritual magick, among them Merlin: Master of Magick (Llewellyn Publications) and Stanton Drew and its Ancient Stone Circles (Wooden Books). He lives near Glastonbury in Somerset. For more information on Gordon’s books, talks and workshops, please visit his website.

Fiction – Fantasy

Published: 1 November 2011


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